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A Ball and a Wall

Posted by Paul Mulligan | 7th June 2021

You only need to search the internet and you will see training sessions full of state-of-the-art coaching aids and gimmicks.

But in many ways, the good old-fashioned brick wall is a great asset for any aspiring young player.

With a wall, you can work on so many things, first touch at various speeds and heights, using different parts of your body. Passing weight and accuracy and also shooting can be improved with the use of a wall.

You only need 1 ball, and you don’t have to constantly have to go and collect it.

Older coaches and players will remember Aussie legend of the 70's and 80's Craig Johnston who certainly made it the hard way to the top. Using the brick wall at his school, he would literally spend hours and hours passing/volleying against a wall to hone his skills.

The careers of many a player from older generations were said to be honed through 'street football' (see Wayne Rooney) and the humble brick wall was an integral part of playing in the street, either alone or with a group playing versions of 'squash' with a variety of local rules.

At the end of the day, the wall just gives a player the chance to work on their first touch passing and shooting just as effectively as much more complex and sophisticated training routines.

So get working on your touch, it’s not too hard, all you need is a Ball and a Wall.



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