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The 10 Minute Youth Football Strength Training Program to Enhance Your Athleticism on the Pitch

Posted by Paul Mulligan | 8th June 2021

Do you want to be faster and stronger on the pitch?

Getting to the ball first, getting away from, and holding off opponents are going to make a big difference to your game.


I mean, who enjoys playing against the rapid winger? Or the centre midfielder who bullies you in every duel?


No matter how quick or strong you currently are, you can always improve it.


The chances are that you are a youth player who has time on their side with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to start developing into a skillful athlete that can dominate games.


Whilst your football coach should be already providing some basic work in your warmups, as well as having exposure to some short quality sprints to boost your sprint speed.


Many players and parents ask what else they can do at home.


What You Can Do

Youth athletes require very little stimulus physically to make improvements when it comes to strength.


You’d be amazed at the improvements you can make with as little as 1 set of basic and effective bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, chin-ups, rows, squats, lunges, sit-ups and planks.

If you are completely new to strength training, then I’d recommend trying out the following 10-minute program 3x per week for as long as you can until you stop progressing on it!


Technique is priority, so perform each strength exercise taking 2-3 seconds to go down, and 2-3 seconds to come up.


The Program - Click the Exercise Names to See a Demo of Each Exercise

Perform 1 set of each.


Aim to do it 3x per week.


Aim to do more reps every time you complete the workout.




Rest 30 seconds after each sprint



Rest 30 seconds



Rest 30 seconds



Rest 30 seconds



If this is too easy, you should check out our self-guided Foundations of Strength, Speed and Power program e-book here.



foundations ebook