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Upgrade your skills and elevate your game with strength, speed and power

Posted by Gary Rafferty | 20th May 2021

A training program that will take you to the next level.

What’s the secret to becoming the all-time top goal scorer for both your country and one of the world’s biggest clubs?

According to Wayne Rooney, the biggest reason for his success on the pitch whilst still playing was simple….


“I train as hard as I can every time I train, and I do extra training every single day. I’ve done that since I was a boy”.

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

As straightforward as Rooney’s reasons are, we all know that it is a difficult task to consistently practice day in day out.

We also know that even if we do have the discipline to train every day, it’s not easy to know what to work on, if what we are doing is going to actually make us better players.

Bear in mind that players like Rooney who reach the top don’t just work on their technical ability off the pitch, they stay disciplined with their strength, sleep, nutrition to make sure they are always fit, fresh, strong and available to play.

Again, this sounds straightforward, but how many young footballers wait until their late teens to start taking their health and performance habits a little more serious.

By the time Wayne Rooney was 17 years old he had already scored multiple goals in the premier league for Everton.




Where Do You Even Start? I’m Not Wayne Rooney.

Yes, Rooney was a rare, outstanding talent.

However, his work ethic and simple but consistent approach to getting better should be motivation for every young footballer.

Would any of these make you a better player:

  • Practising your individual skills every day?
  • Eating quality food to fuel and recovery for performance whilst sleeping well every night?
  • How about being fitter, faster and stronger all over the pitch?

I’m certain the answer is yes for every player.


So where do you start?

You start by working on these 3 areas:

1) Every day you go out and work on the skills that you think needs to be improved or what you think is a strength and want to turn into a weapon to help you stand out.


2) Start thinking about how much sleep you are getting and what foods you enjoy and regularly eat. Do they make you filled with energy or do you feel sluggish during training, school or matches?


3) Do you spend any time during the training week learning how to move your body faster around the pitch or to keep it strong and athletic like the modern-day footballers?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, then following along with some of our foundation at home programs will ensure you are doing everything you can off the pitch to improve.


Get started with our Strength, Speed and Power Foundation programs or with our at-home Brilliant Basics Technical Skill Program.


Do the simple things consistently well and stand out on the crowded pitch!


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