29 Jul

The top skills needed for 5 aside football

Do you play 5 aside? Want to improve your game? In this blog, we are going to go over the top skill needed to be an effective 5 aside Soccer player. 

First let’s take a closer look at the 5 aside game! Smaller pitches, smaller goals, reduced game duration. Matches, generally played on AstroTurf or artificial grass pitches that are enclosed within a barrier or "cage" to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area to keep the game constantly flowing.

All these factors make for a fast-paced game where every player on the pitch is crucial to the team’s success. It’s safe to say that there no hiding placed in a game of 5 aside!!

So, what are the top skills needed for 5 aside?

First Touch 

The smaller size of the 5 aside pitch means that it can often be difficult to find space to receive the ball. As such being able to consistently receive the ball in tight spaces under pressure without the ball bouncing away and losing possession is an essential skill for any fives player. 

Skill Moves

Using skill moves in a fives can be an effective way to create space, loose a marker or just down right embarrass the defender! Whatever reason you use a skill move, it is important to remember that its quality over quantity. Perfect one or two skills so that you are confident to apply them in a game situation. Consider Arjen Robben! Everyone who has seen him play knows for a FACT that he is going to drive right and use an ‘inside-cut’ to off balance the defender. They know it’s coming, he knows it’s coming…we know it’s coming, but he has developed the skill so much over the years that he is pretty much unstoppable when he pulls it out. 

Shoot on Sight

Any area on a five aside soccer pitch can be a goal scoring position. The two key types of shot players need to consider are: Power or Placement? 

If you have made you way to a position in front of goal, most good fives goalkeepers will quickly come out and narrow the angle for your shot!! Using placement in this scenario is the best port of call. Try to use the inside of your foot to guide the ball away from the keeper into the corners with a little bit of “fizz” on so no defender can come in to make the clearance. 

As we mentioned, you can literally score from any area on the pitch in fives! If there is an opening and you fancy your chances from distance… Power, power, POWER. Head and knee over the ball, connect with the laces and follow through with your strike! Hopefully the keeper is having to pick it out of the top bin and not a nearby tree. 


The ability to quickly and accurately pick a pass in fives is essential. This comes down to your decision making and technical ability. If you hold on to the ball for too long you will get crowded out and loose the ball (probably catching some hate from your teammates in the process). Try to play easy, always look for the further pass you can play forward safely. These types of passes are more likely to open goal scoring opportunities. However, if these are not on playing sideways or backwards is fine remember if you are in possession the other team cannot score (this does not apply to the ringer you have pulled in on short notice with two left feet and a rugby shirt on). Keep the ball moving! This will keep you opponents chasing the ball and tiring them out in the process.  


So, there are our top skills we recommend for any fives player. Master these and you will be seeing your team in finals at the end of every season! KIKOFF runs 5 aside competitions at our four locations across Sydney for more information visit KIKOFF Football Venues.


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