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5-a-side vs playing football in the park

Posted by Chaz Samushonga | 11th June 2021

Playing football in the park with your mates is great… Until someone shoots! The next 40 seconds is spent waiting on the ball to be returned then BOOM… it happens again!

A vicious cycle that there is no getting away from..

Can such a problem be fixed?

Of course it can!


Get yourselves down to one of our five a-side centres and your days of being scared to shoot are gone! Read on to see some other reasons why booking a five a-side heavily outweighs playing casual football in the park.


  • WE HAVE NETS!!!! Nothing beats seeing the ball hit the net when you score a goal and the majority of parks don’t keep nets on their goals


  • WE HAVE CAGES! As mentioned, there is nothing worse than having to chase the ball after hitting a shot. With high fencing and nets surrounding our pitches, you have to be practicing conversions to hit the ball out of the cage.


  • WE HAVE SYNTHETIC PITCHES!! Unlike most parks, our 4g surfaces can’t flood so unless there is lightning overhead, your booking can go ahead.


  • WE HAVE FIELD MARKINGS! Unless your mate is a professional goalkeeper, they won’t take too kindly to the ball being blasted at them from close range. We have goalkeeper boxes which can make the life of a goalkeeper a little bit easier.


  • WE HAVE PARKING!! With large car parks at all of our centres, you won’t turn up and have to park a ten minute walk away from the pitch!


As you can see, there a number of factors that make playing at our five a-side centres more appealing than playing a game at your local park.


Goals, nets, cages… what more could you ask for!?

Booking a five a-side pitch is also very straightforward! Click here or call one of our friendly staff on 1300 545 633


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