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KIKOFF to launch off-the-wall 5aside Leagues on the Northern Beaches

Posted by Oli Bramley | 11th June 2021

European 5-a-side leagues are coming to the Northern Beaches. Unlike Futsal, 5-a-side has no 'outs' so the ball is always in play. We have redesigned our fields to allow for this style of play and new 5-a-side leagues will start in October 2021.  The Northern Beaches is the home to many futsal players and has a great reputation for it's passion of the futsal version of 5v5 soccer.

KIKOFF are introducing the European version of 5-a-side to the Northern Beaches to complement the growth of 5-a-side football on the peninsula.

Futsal is traditionally an indoor sport played on a hard surface, 5-a-side soccer is more commonly played on artificial grass, just like our pitches are in Harbord!

5-a-side football also utilise walls that mean the ball is always in play, the result is a faster game where you get fewer stoppages and more time on the ball.


To celebrate the launch we are giving all teams 25% off their match fees and there are no registration fees to join the competition.

Not only that but the winning team will also win a $500 voucher to be used on the online kit store to spend on any products!


The Northern Beaches Futsal Association will continue to offer futsal competitions but for those of you who'd like to have a go at the off-the-wall version of 5-a-side then head to KIKOFF Harbord for the best place to play 5-a-side on the Northern Beaches.


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