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Ever wonder what an elite football players meals look like?

Posted by Leon Kita | 1st May 2020

In order to make it, and then stay at the top in the modern game, relying on just skill is no longer an option.

While we advocate that ‘skill’ is still king, we know that players have to understand they must look after their bodies, both with what activities they do and what goes in it.

According to recent reports, Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he eats up to 6 meals a day, with fish being a large part of his diet, and referring chicken as ‘magical’ due to its high protein content.


I know I know. Not rocket science ay?


And that’s the point we want to make. With the amount of information that is now readily available it is easy to suffer ‘paralysis from analysis’, and over think everything we do. If you look hard enough, I’m sure you’ll find some information that tells you exercising and eating well is actually bad for you….

Adult football leagues

So, if you are wondering what an elite football players meal looks like, you probably have to look no further than what’s already in your fridge - we hope!


Every individual will have preferences as to what they like to eat and drink, and factors such as culture and traditions will play a huge part in what you are used to fuelling your bodies with, however the make-up of an elite football players meal will always look similar.


Let common sense prevail as you start on your journey of eating like an elite football player: if something comes in a fancy wrapper and the ingredients list on the back is as long as your arm (with words we can’t read), we probably shouldn’t be eating too much of it!


If you need a little more help and what some new ideas… check out our friends at Colourfit. They make it easy to understand what you eat, as well as when you should eat it.