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FPA is now Choose Football Coaching

Posted by KIKOFF | 25th May 2020

We are delighted to officially announce the change of our business name to Choose Football Coaching.


Throughout the last six years your youth coaching program has operated on the pitch successfully as both KIKOFF Coaching and Football Pathway Australia. Off the pitch we introduced the youth footballer strength and conditioning program under the name 90 Minutes.

All of these names will now operate under the new name of Choose Football Coaching.

Our aim has always been to help young footballer perform at their best both on and off the pitch. However, we have now secured some exciting partnerships and combined all of our offerings into one place to ensure players have access to the opportunities to do just that.

Most recently we announced our mission to help 100,000 children globally to receive access to quality health, nutrition and education opportunities by 2025.

We believe our Choose Football Development Squad (FDS) program now better aligns with this mission.

The FDS program provides young players here in Sydney with the opportunity to learn from professional technical coaches on the pitch, as well as offering professional youth athlete development and nutrition education options.

Adult football leagues

Our team of coaches will continue as before with most of the same faces that you have been familiar with over the past few years.

Director of Choose Football Oli Bramley said “This was a change we felt was necessary to align ourselves with a bigger mission that was beyond just what happens on the pitch, which is at the core of why our coaches’ coach.

We’ve been able to visit our goals as a coaching team and ensure we continue to have the best interest of the player at the forefront of everything we do both short and long term.

I’m very excited about the future and to be able to use the love children have for football as a way of impacting the world in a really positive way.”

For more information about what Choose Football is about and to meet our team, please visit www.choosefootball.com.au