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20 Jun

Are you Fit enough to play 5's? Take our Quiz

Five a-side football is fast paced and requires a decent level of fitness. This is particularly true for our centres at Fraser Park and Canterbury where the cages restrict the ball from leaving the field of play. Take our quiz below to find out if you have what it takes to play in our five a-side leagues and what division would be best to enter!!

  1. How active are you?
    1. I visit the gym 5 days a week
    2. I exercise a couple of times a week
    3. I walk to the pub on a Saturday afternoon

  2. How active is your job?
    1. I’m a personal trainer..
    2. I work in construction so am constantly on the go
    3. I sit in front of a computer for 10 hours a day- my fingers get a lot of work

  3. When was the last time you played any kind of competitive football?
    1. I train twice a week and play every weekend
    2. I play socially in an over 35’s league
    3. I played for Nottingham Forest… when I was 12

  4. Have you got any injuries?
    1. None, I’m raring to go
    2. I’ve the odd niggle but nothing I can’t handle
    3. I’m falling apart…. Help

  5. What is your diet like?
  1. Clean!! I count calories and work hard for this body
  2. I eat relatively well but won’t say no to a snack pac
  3. Pizza for breakfast, kebab for lunch and Oporto for dinner


If you answered with mostly A’s, what are you waiting for!!?? An active, healthy lifestyle with a good amount of football, you will be ready to go straight in to our division 1 or 2 competition!

If B appeared most in your answers, you will be able to play in our leagues without too much trouble. Division 2 or maybe even 3 would be a good entry point, get a season out of the way and see if you have what it takes to move up a division.

If C best describes you, there is no question that division 3 would be your starting point. Playing in a 5-a-side league could kickstart your movement towards a healthier lifestyle!

Fun but competitive, enrolling in a league is the kick up the backside you need.

Stop putting it off… click here to register your team!


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