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22 Jun

How to Spot the Perfect 5 a side Pitch

Do you want to play five a side Soccer with your friends? Do you know how to spot the perfect pitch?

We have put together a quick and easy to understand guide which will help you identify the best five’s pitches so you can play the beautiful game.

Knowing what to look for when choosing a pitch is important to maximize your fun, safety. This checklist will help you do just that:

  1. Choose a pitch which has good synthetic grass surface. Preferably with UEFA grade artificial grass. This will ensure a smooth and reliable playing surface which will also allow you to play whatever the weather.

  2. Look for pitches which are enclosed. This will save you from chasing the ball all over the park and give you more valuable playing time.

  3. Ensure that that the pitches have an easy online booking system. This will help make sure you never miss a game and can always get you pitch booked even outside office hours.

  4. The perfect fives pitch would not be complete without good washing facilities. Make sure that your choice of pitch has shower and changing rooms for that all important pre- match team talk!

  5. Playing regular fives should be easily accessible, a local fives center for you and your friends will make it easy to get you games on and mean not having to traipse through city traffic.

  6. A good fives pitch will often have leagues running. So once your team is up to speed look into playing competitive games at the center.

  7. Finally choose a pitch which is priced fairly so it saves you your hard-earned cash.

So, there you have it. Seven steps to ensuring you and your friends play on the perfect fives pitch.

If you are interested in playing fives with your mates, check out the location of our perfect pitches in five locations across Sydney.


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