29 May

Workplace benefits of lunch time five-a-side soccer

Could your workplace benefit from partaking in an activity together on a weekly basis?

Would “working” together outside your normal environment lead to a better spirit within your workplace?

With the stress associated with work, it is a welcome change to get out of the office and take part in activities with your colleagues. Such activities will bring your team closer together whilst giving them something to look forward to on a weekly basis!

How do you go about organizing such activities?

Easy!! Enter a team in to a lunch time five a-side tournament then take a step back and watch the positive impact it has on your team!

What would be the benefits of lunch time 5 a-side football and where do I start?

  1. Firstly, exercising makes you feel good. Through exercise, chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin are released which are proven to lift your mood- a happier workplace is a more productive workplace

  2. Working together outside of work can increase motivation (especially if you’re winning your five a-side games). Momentum can be created which will continue in the office, leading to better results.

  3. Your team will have fun!! This is something which is often overlooked but  incorporating a fun activity in to your working week will give everyone in the office something to look forward to, even if they’re not having the best week!

  4. It will bring your team closer together! A lunch time five a-side league will force your team to develop different types of relationships. Becoming closer on the football pitch will increase their abilities to work together in the office!

These are just some of the benefits that playing in a lunch time five a-side league would bring to your business. We could add others, such as; trust, morale, leadership, results but I don’t want to bore you...

If this sounds interesting to you and you are looking to register a team in a lunchtime five a-side league, contact us..... and we will be in touch!


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