22 Jul

What to wear for 5-a-side?

When it comes to playing 5-a-side, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a pair of shin-guards and Copa Mundials would do you for a competitive kick-about but there’s much more to be gained from a little more preparation.

It’s not the boots you wear, but how you lace them

Whether you’re a football purist who prefers a pair of Diadora’s, or a Nike-head who’s a sucker for glitter and gold, there’s a lot to be said for how one chooses to lace their boots. Different strokes for different folks, but at the end of the day, your soft kangaroo leather or anti-clog technology matters not one bit if the boots don’t fit.   


Correctly lacing your boots can do wonders for turning a lackluster boot into something that feels like a second skin. Do yourself a favor and try what’s known in long-distance running as “the runner’s knot” ( https://bit.ly/2JMu6GM ). The locking mechanism serves to anchor the boots to your foot and ankle to prevent slipping and blisters. It’s a game changer.


Without banging on about laces too much, it’s probably worth investing in a decent pair that don’t come undone every time you throw yourself into a 50/50; and besides, nobody likes the guy who ends up tying his laces every 2 minutes like it’s a pastime. Gripped laces are a savior for this sort of thing: AMO Customs products are high-quality, durable and come in a range of different colours, and sizes. They’re definitely worth a look if you’re fed up of the stock laces that typically come with your boots > https://bit.ly/2EIpWv4


Rock the Sock

If slipping and blisters are the bane of your existence, then you need to upgrade your socks. Don’t roll your eyes – your socks are the only thing connecting, or disconnecting, your feet to the insoles of your shoes. If the connection is poor, it can make you dismiss a pair of brand-new boots because of a few bad performances and leave you contemplating ways to return them as “faulty” – don’t worry, we’ve all been there.


The two juggernauts in the football-sock game right now are unquestionably TruSox (the innovators), and Nike Grip (the powerhouse); both companies have developed football socks with gripped contact points lining the sole of the foot. The result is greatly improved contact between foot and boot; facilitating greater stability and a significant reduction in slippage / movement of feet within the boots. Although this seems like a minor detail, small margins can make a big difference at crucial moments of a game. For me, the closer you can get to playing barefoot the more comfortable you feel on the pitch; a pair of soft, black, leather Nike Premiers, laced with a runner’s knot, and a pair of TruSox - certainly worth a punt if you’ve never had the joy > https://bit.ly/2W56UoV


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