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What Summer Soccer Camps are there for kids?

Posted by Dan Kitchen | 11th May 2018

Do you often find it hard to find fun, physical activities for your kids to do during the holidays? 

Have you ever considered having your child get involved in a Holiday Soccer Camp?

With so many soccer camps currently out there finding the right one can often be confusing. Here is our quick-fire way of finding the best camp suited for your child.  

Below is our 7-step checklist to make it easy for parents to choose the right camp.

  1. Is it safe? Safety while your child is a camp is paramount. As parents we want peace of mind that our children are first of all in a safe environment. Ensure that the camp you go for has coaches who have full Working With Children Checks (WWCC).

  2. Are the Coaches Qualified? As a minimum parents should expect that all coaches on the camp should have a minimum FFA Grassroots accreditation. This National governing body of Soccer in Australia and will ensure that the coaches are well versed in content relevant to be delivered to young Soccer players.

  3. Is it fun? The number one reason for any player quitting soccer or any other sporting activity is because it’s not Fun. Therefore, fun on the camp should be the most important factor. Choose a camp which puts a high emphasis on the fun aspect and has activities which can cater for all types of personalities and levels.

  4. Is it reliable? Always go with a Soccer Camp which has a good reputation. Check the reviews online, have a look at their social media and ask around.

  5. Is it easy to sign up? In our busy lives, having to make endless phone call or emails go back and forth is not necessary. Choose a camp which makes it easy for you with easy online sign up.

  6. Do they run promotions? Camps often varying promotion including early bird offers or refer a friend offers. Check to see if the Soccer Camp has any offers running which can save you your hard -earned cash.

  7. Are the coaches experienced? As we mentioned earlier, Fun is a very important aspect of all soccer camps. Along with this it is also essential that your children learn an improve their soccer skills over the course of the camp. Choose a camp with experienced coaches, speak to their team about their experience and whether they have a tried and tested coaching curriculum in place.

So, as you can see, there is quite a lot to consider when choosing the right Soccer Camp for your child. Hopefully our seven-step guide makes it a little easier for you.

Here at KIKOFF we have been running our Holiday Soccer Camp Program at our four locations across Sydney since 2012. For more information, why a KIKOFF Soccer Camp is right for you head to Holiday Soccer Camps Clinics.



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