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23 Jul

Training doesn’t have to be hard

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Do you want to help your kids get better at sports? Ever wondered what the best way to help train and motivate them is?

In this blog we are going to explore the 4 training hacks which will enable you as a parent to suitably coach your aspiring sports stars.


So let’s jump into it..



Choose  1 skill which you would like to teach or improve with your children and work only on that skill.


For instance, if you were to work on dribbling in Soccer focus only on that skill. If you start then trying to coach other elements of the game such as shooting technique or first-touch, it starts to become information overload and leads to confusion and frustration. 


Pick 1 skill and offer 3 coaching points for example: Dribbling: Use small touches/close control, try change direction whilst moving with the ball, try to use all parts of the foot to dribble the ball.


  1. Positive Mental Attitude:

It is no secret that positive reinforcement is an essential motivating tool for children. Be patient, focus on the positives and offer encouragement.


Try not to tell your children how they are doing things wrong and instead ask them how they could do it better. This gives them ownership of their own development and opens up a conversation of how they can improve at a skill.


When offering feedback try to use a what I like to call a “Praise Burger”. This is where you sandwich-in and area of improvement between two bits of positive reinforcement. This allows you as a parent to give some key feedback in a positive way. For example:


“Great work Jessica. See if you can take your first touch into space next time before you shoot. Really great effort”.

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  1. FUN First:

It is common misconception that training needs to be “Hard”. Training, especially with kids should always have fun as a high priority. This will not only help engage your children but also make the whole process a lot more enjoyable and less like a chore.


Try to set challenges, use practices where they get to do game related activities and are not just aimlessly running and ensure that the training is aimed at the appropriate skill level so that your children can see progression and have success at tasks.


  1. Consistency:

Consistency is key with getting better at any sport. Try to set a time at least once a week where you get out and have a kick a bat or whatever sports interest your child.


This is not only valuable bonding but also a great way to instil lifelong interests in physically activity which of course comes with a multitude of benefits both physically, social and mentally.  


So, there you have it. Our 4 top tips to ensure you training your kids in the best way possible. Follow these guidelines and you will be well on your way to setting up some fun, engaging and suitably challenging at home training sessions for your future: Matilda, Wallaby or Olympian!!