13 Dec

Top benefits of enrolling your kids in football training this summer

The Beautiful Game has heaps of benefits for kids beyond just burning off their excess energy. Soccer is the most widely participated sporting pass time across the world with over 250 million...

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24 Jul

School holidays coming up - we’ve got just the thing

Parents, you are not alone. Trust me, I get it – you don’t have to pretend these next few weeks aren’t going to be spent living in fear of the havoc your kids might wreak across your home during...

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03 Jul

Reasons why Summer Soccer at Kikoff is a Great Choice for your Child's Football Development

So, the regular football season is over, but you still want to keep playing and enjoying your football in the summer.

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12 Jun

Where can I play Summer Soccer?

Don’t you hate it when the soccer season finishes and you have no idea where to take your child to get their soccer fix?

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30 Jun

Why Your Kids Should Play Soccer This Summer


As this year continues to fly by, you may have thought about the fact that summer is just around the corner. And now is the perfect time to consider what sports your kids should play over the...

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