05 Apr

How important is sleep in helping your football performance?


Here are 4 reasons I believe it is vitally important, and could be the X Factor in getting that Pro-contract or not.

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14 Sep

What happened in August at KIKOFF

The last month has been an extremely exciting time at KIKOFF. While we are busy preparing for our busiest summer ever, with more programs than before on offer across more locations, we have been...

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20 Apr

Why Team Sports Aid your Child’s Social Development


If you've ever played a team sport, you probably remember the highs and lows of the game. Sometimes you were on top of the world, and sometimes you just didn’t want to play. Some games you were...

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10 Apr

5 top tips for parents to help your kids develop their soccer training skills

In my opinion (which I am sure many of you will agree) the single biggest factor in children’s development is their parenting. Directly or indirectly, decisions parents do or do not make, impact...

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07 Apr

3 Essential Characteristics of A Successful Football Coach


Are you looking for a coach to take your game to the next level? Are you thinking of a career in coaching? Are you currently coaching?

If your answer is YES to any of these three questions then...

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31 Mar

Creating a learning environment - Part 2

In my last article entry, I touched briefly on archaic coaching methodologies and their prevalence in the world of youth sport. Ultimately, I wanted to address one key issue – whether or not the...

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20 Mar

Day in the life of a 5-a-side Captain

Spare a thought for your 5-a-side league team captain, he's the one that has the task of getting you all to turn up to the game, not an easy feat! Check out a typical day in the life of a 5-a-side...

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16 Mar

Creating a learning environment - Part 1

The principal philosophy of youth sport should be to create environments, in training & matches, that are conducive to lifelong learning and enjoyment of the sport. Partaking in youth sport is not...

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13 Mar

What to do when you are one player short for Fives

If you play 5-a-side regularly then you will be familiar with ‘the guy’* who turns your five-a-side match into a mathematical headache.

Don’t be ‘that guy’. You know who I mean. The guy who sends...

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08 Mar

Girls Soccer Schools launch in celebration of Female Football Week

To celebrate International Women's Day and the start of Female football week we are delighted to celebrate not only the fantastic role models we see in Women's soccer in Australia, strong...

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