19 Dec

How to keep kids excited about football training

You know the story; your kid signs up for a football team and that is the only thing on their mind – constantly peppering you with questions and abundant with enthusiasm. However, as the season...

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03 Jul

Reasons why Summer Soccer at Kikoff is a Great Choice for your Child's Football Development

So, the regular football season is over, but you still want to keep playing and enjoying your football in the summer.

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12 Jun

Where can I play Summer Soccer?

Don’t you hate it when the soccer season finishes and you have no idea where to take your child to get their soccer fix?

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18 May

Reasons KIKOFF Holiday Camps are a great School Holiday option

Below is an insight into our recent April Harbord Kikoff Holiday Camps:

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11 May

What Summer Soccer Camps are there for kids?

Do you often find it hard to find fun, physical activities for your kids to do during the holidays? 

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14 Dec

Improving the Youth Football Development Process

Have you stopped to think what typical weekly schedule includes for a young footballer? When you do you might start to reconsider some traditional thinking like:

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25 Sep

#RaiseYourGame or #PlayYourGame? What’s Best for Your Kids?

Ready to get your kids’ activities sorted for school holidays? At Kikoff, we have two great options for holiday camps. Your kids can choose which one they prefer based on how much experience they...

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15 Sep

How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Holidays

The school holidays can be a tough time for both parents and kids. Many parents are juggling full-time work and other responsibilities, while kids have shorter attention spans than ever before.

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13 Sep

What are KIKOFF Holiday Camps?

School holidays can be tough for both kids and parents. If you work full-time, arranging childcare can be a nightmare. If you work from home, you’re often continually interrupted by “He’s hitting...

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04 Jul

The Best Activities to Keep Kids Busy in Summer


While summer is the best time to be a kid, it can seem like a long time for parents. And if you’re not happy with the idea of your kids staring at their screens all day, you’ll need to keep them...

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