05 Nov

Why Competition is Healthy For Your Child

Some people consider ‘competition’ to be a dirty word when it comes to raising kids. After all, no one wants their kids to feel anxious, stressed out, or disappointed if they don’t succeed. 

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20 Dec

What’s on at Canterbury in 2018?

Holiday Camps

Launching this year we have our full day holiday camps. We will be running from 9am-3pm from Monday 15th January to Friday 19th January.

As a special launch promotion at our...

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03 Nov

KIKOFF x LOCAL FC Friday Night Competition


Last month Local FC joined forces with Nike for a one off tournament 'Lock in Let Loose' at KIKOFF Canterbury. Now they are back with a free weekly Friday night event!

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02 Nov

Five life benefits of entering a five a-side football league

As we get older, more and more people (myself included) exert the majority of their time and energy in to their work. Granted, work is important but we should all remember that we should work to...

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11 Oct

Here’s Why 90% of High-Level Female Executives Played Competitive Sports

Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman, Hillary Clinton, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi. What do these successful women all have in common? They all played competitive sport.

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05 Oct

How to put together a successful five-a-side team

Teams who win five-a-side competitions are not lucky. Often they are seasoned small sided game players who know what ingredients are needed to make a team successful. Below are six vital bits of...

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11 Sep

Challenge the Champions - $2,000 PRIZE Five-a-Side Football Tournament

With over one hundred teams playing at KIKOFF on a weekly basis, we often wonder which team from across our centres is the best. Currently unbeaten in the Thursday night football competition at...

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31 Aug

Sydney Summer Soccer 2017

Looking for football activities  to keep your kids active this Summer? Look no further - KIKOFF has a variety of Summer Football activities for players of all ages and capabilities. Programs start...

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27 Jul

Summer Soccer

Our summer soccer program in Sydney will suit any player wishing to enhance their individual soccer skill, speed, agility and fitness to best prepare themselves for 2018 footballing season. The...

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15 Jul



There’s nothing worse than getting to a point where you think you need to hang up your boots.

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