18 Jan

Sportsmanship among little soccer parents

Dear passionate parents,

This blog is going to be pretty controversial so please do not read if you will get easily offended ☺. 

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19 Dec

How to keep kids excited about football training

You know the story; your kid signs up for a football team and that is the only thing on their mind – constantly peppering you with questions and abundant with enthusiasm. However, as the season...

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03 Jul

Reasons why Summer Soccer at Kikoff is a Great Choice for your Child's Football Development

So, the regular football season is over, but you still want to keep playing and enjoying your football in the summer.

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12 Jun

Where can I play Summer Soccer?

Don’t you hate it when the soccer season finishes and you have no idea where to take your child to get their soccer fix?

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18 May

Reasons KIKOFF Holiday Camps are a great School Holiday option

Below is an insight into our recent April Harbord Kikoff Holiday Camps:

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11 May

What Summer Soccer Camps are there for kids?

Do you often find it hard to find fun, physical activities for your kids to do during the holidays? 

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26 Oct

Why Football is Great for Girls

As girls grow up, they become less physically active than boys. And this is a worldwide problem. In the UK, just 8% of 14-year-old girls are getting enough physical activity. In the United States,...

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