16 Jul

How Soccer Players Can Improve Their Speed

Speed has become one of the most sought-after attributes in soccer.

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09 Jul

Football Fitness Gym vs Regular Fitness Gym

When we opened the doors at the 90 Minutes gym 2 years ago announcing we would be specialising in football fitness many people asked me;

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03 Jul

3 Keys to Performance

How do you improve your performance?

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11 Jun

How Do You Mentally Prepare for a Football Match?

Can you transform your performance on the pitch by training the one thing that very few other players choose to train?

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03 Jun

How to Physically Prepare for Your Next Football Game

Being physically ready to play at your very best come game day is the number one priority for every player.

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20 May

How to go from average player to high performer

How many players look so promising only to slowly fade away or never perform as well as you know they can?

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17 May

How to Keep Body Composition in Check for Football Performance

Diego Costa, Benni McCarthy, Gonzalo Higuain and Wayne Rooney.

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03 Apr

3 Football Conditioning Drills That Guarantee Match Fitness

Want guaranteed improvements in your match fitness?

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05 Dec

The Top Tips to Help You Give 100% At Football Training

How many youth athletes have you witnessed go from the rising superstar to hanging up their sportswear before they even reach their twenties?

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03 Dec

5 Ways Running Training will Improve Your Football Performance

In a study of French Ligue 1 players it was found that players were only in possession for 53 seconds of the entire match (less than 1% of the game time).

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