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Three Foods you should avoid before a soccer game

Posted by Paul Mulligan | 24th April 2020

At CHOOSE Football we are passionate about all aspects of our great game.

We want to give our players the best practices and knowledge to become the best they can be.

This takes massive effort and commitment not just at game time but before and after games.

To help be at your best on game day it is important to eat correctly before a game.

This can be hard and may need lots of will power because foods to avoid are often really yummy but unfortunately are just not good for an athlete before a game.

Adult football leagues


Three Foods to Avoid:

  1. 1.Fried and fatty food, i.e. Hot chips, Fried chicken, bacon, and my favourite…..hamburgers. These will take longer to digest and may cause tummy discomfort
  2. Spicy food. While delicious, Spicy foods should be avoided before a game because they can lead to increased cramping, indigestion, and heartburn.
  3. Energy drinks and soft drinks. These can cause tummy issues and give you an energy crash.

So, using this as a guide and eating the best food for releasing and sustaining energy you will hopefully have the game of your life on match day.