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School holidays coming up - we’ve got just the thing

Posted by Adam Davidson | 24th July 2018

Parents, you are not alone. Trust me, I get it – you don’t have to pretend these next few weeks aren’t going to be spent living in fear of the havoc your kids might wreak across your home during the school holidays.

“I don’t know what you mean, it’s great having the kids at home”.

Sure, you say that now but wait until the novelty wears off for them, attentions start to dwindle, “I’m bored” x 1000 begins and life slowly chips away at your patience. All joking aside though, we understand that school holidays can get pretty hectic for parents, who ultimately, just want to get the kids into some sort of schedule.

Routine is good for kids because routine is familiar, and it provides structure to their days – without it, kids yearn for something to look forward to and they tend to get restless without it. Now, whilst there’s no shortage of activities during the school holidays - truth be told, there’s a downright abundance of them – it can be pretty difficult trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It’s usually a good idea to have some non-negotiables in mind when you’re scouting for something to do: is it something that’s going to keep them occupied and entertained? Are drop-offs and pick-ups going to be easy? Will they be able to sign-up in a group with their mates? These are just few examples of the questions we field from parents who are interested in finding about the camps we run during the school holidays. So, to make things a little easier, I’ve put together some FAQ’s below, which you skim through and then make your own decision on whether or not we’d be a good fit for you this winter: -

Q1. "Ok, what’s the deal with your soccer camp? Like, how long do you guys take them foR?"

A1.  Monday to Friday | 9am – 3pm everyday | drop-off is between 8:40 and 9am but can be earlier if arranged with us prior.

Q2. "Awesome. Ok, hang on though, does that mean I have to sign them up for all 5 days of camp, or what’s the go?”

A2.  You don’t have to; we have 1, 2, 3 or 4-day options – which makes it easier for parents who might have other commitments or vacations already scheduled.

Q3. "Ok, that’s pretty good. Is it expensive though?”

A3. We don’t think so – we charge $199 for 5 days (early bird) or $60 for individual days.

Q4. “What do you guys do with them all day, you’re not playing soccer all day right?”

A4. No definitely not – we always split campers into age-appropriate groups at the start of each day and run a 70-minute training session, after which we have a snack break before getting into our World Cup teams and pick where we left off the day before. Our World Cup Tournament is always followed by lunch; lunch is always accompanied by entertainment, in the form of riddles, challenges, mini-games and quizzes. Lunch is then followed by Multi-Sports in the afternoon – NFL, Kick-ball, Galaxies, Lightning, Headers and Volleys, German and many more of our childhood favourites. At the end of the day, we always finish on our final round of World Cup games – points are calculated, match reports are given and players are given some homework for the next day.  

Q5. “Ok, that sounds fun, but is it the same thing every day or are there different themes or activities for them to look forward to?”

A5. Absolutely - our daily themes offer some of the most memorable and enjoyable moments of our camps; we have team colours and facts on Tuesdays, Wacky Wednesday, Thirsty Thursdays and Flag Fridays – with each day bringing with it a new set of challenges for the players to complete and earn World Cup points.

Q6. “What if it’s my son/daughter’s first time playing soccer, do you think he/she will enjoy it?”

A6. Regardless of relative experience or ability, we have no doubt that they’ll enjoy our camp experience. The daily themes and challenges are designed specifically to appeal to kids who are not necessarily sporty – giving them the opportunity to earn points for their World Cup teams and build confidence day-to-day. As confidence builds off the pitch, we find that competence improves on the pitch.

Q7. “If my son/daughter is pretty decent, will they find the camp to be challenging?”

A7. We have FFA A,B & C Licence coaches running our holiday camp programs with collective experience coaching across three continents – North America, Europe & Australia – we firmly believe that we have the best coaching team in Sydney.  We pride ourselves on our ability to personalise training sessions to suitably challenge and motivate the variety of skill levels under our care. Click here to check out some testimonials from our website.

Q8. “This sounds ideal! Where can I sign up? Oh, and do you guys have any other programs during the term?”

a8. sure thing! Just click here for the holiday camp page of our website | and yes, we run Soccer Schools and Development Squad programs from Term 1 – 3 every year, and then in the Summertime we have our Summer Soccer program where you can sign up as a team with your mates, or as an individual player in one of our KIKOFF squads.


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