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Reasons why Summer Soccer at Kikoff is a Great Choice for your Child's Football Development

Posted by Paul Mulligan | 3rd July 2018

So, the regular football season is over, but you still want to keep playing and enjoying your football in the summer.

Well we at KIKOFF have the answer for you.

summer soccer! 

You can keep your team and players training and playing together, through term 4, learning skills, working as a team and still fostering a great love for the game.

We know there are several summer Futsal, and 6 aside competitions about.

But what makes us different to others?

Well, last summer season I went to watch a u7 Futsal competition match.

I decided to put a timer on the game to see how long the ball was in play.

The halves are only 13 minutes long and the ball was officially in play for about 6 minutes.

At KIKOFF we have the teams for 1 hour. We will have the 2 teams working on their skills with one of our fantastic KIKOFF coaches for around 25 minutes, with hundreds of touches of the ball of utmost importance, while coaching and helping them improve their ball mastery, and on one of the core skills chosen as that day’s topic.

Summer Soccer 4

We will then go into the games, which will be coached by our coaches, favouring no team but only focused on helping the players with their decision making and keeping the game flowing. We may end the session with a debrief of what we did well and what we need to work on for the following week.

So, when deciding on what football to play this summer, think about Player Development over a competition, where yes, it is nice to win, but in that short game, how many touches of the ball did the players have? Were they challenged? Were they constantly coached on the constants of what makes a good player- time, space, decision making?

KIKOFF is all about player development, with coaches who are passionate about Football, and who will create a fun environment for your child to learn and Love their Football.

So, get your team together, and Register for a great term of Summer Soccer at KIKOFF

Click here to sign up.


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