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Reasons KIKOFF Holiday Camps are a great School Holiday option

Posted by Paul Mulligan | 18th May 2018

Below is an insight into our recent April Harbord Kikoff Holiday Camps:


Kids arrive all excited for the Day/Week ahead. No School teachers just Passionate Football coaches to put up with.

Fun agility games to start and then on to assigning World Cup teams for the week.

With fair Knowledge of players, already known, trying to keep friends together and years of experience of quickly gauging a player we try and form as equal Football teams as possible. This way we can have some competitive games that challenge our players to play well and keep developing.

Holiday Camp 2

With all our Players assigned into teams for the week we had Holland, France, England, Nigeria, Spain and Brazil fighting it out to be the ultimate World Cup Winne.

Points for each team are acquired in many ways.
Winning matches.
Most Helpful
Quiz winners
Nothing but net, crossbar challenge and many other ways.
Also, the most popular, our Daily Themes.


Team colour Tuesday. Dress in as many colours of nation you are representing and interesting facts of that country.


Whacky Wednesday. Dress as Whacky as you can. 30 Kids made an amazing effort last camp with this part of the week giving Holland the lead in the overall standings.

Holiday Camp Group

Thirsty Thursday with points on offer for the most delicious drink. 27 entrants this week with some gorgeous concoctions. Holland extending their lead.


Flag Friday, Points on offer for Smallest, Largest, most creative and coaches favourite Tastiest.

Over 30 entrants on Friday with France making a big comeback on the scoreboard with some amazing cakes. Notable mentions for some amazing cookies and some of the smallest flags ever seen under a magnifying glass.
Holiday Camp Cake

A typical Day:

Our Days usually start with Fun games, that work on agility and get the kids moving and into a fun frame of mind for the day ahead. Pac Man, Capture the Flag are a couple of the kids favourites.

We then put the kids into age/ability appropriate groups for our core skill of the day.

Monday: Ball mastery and improving skills in 1v1’s

Tuesdays: First Touch. Possession based drills

Wednesday: Dribbling and quick running with the ball

Thursday,: Short and long passing techniques.

Friday: Shooting. Always a favourite where we will do games/drills to promote shooting in a realistic game scenario.

Back to some fun games, relays, head/catch, American Football, Soccer Baseball and others with more World Cup points up for offer.

Then after lunch we have our final round Robin World Cup games. Points are awarded not just for the winning team but for team that impresses with passing, good space and fair play as a few examples.

Holland ended up the Ultimate Points winners winning the medals on 1325 points.

The last hour was old fashioned Football World Cup Knock out with teams playing to win a place in the Semi’s and Finals.

Holland again took out this title beating England in the final.

And then onto our most coachable player of the week awards.

What an amazing week, with kids exhausted, but with new skills learnt and new friendships formed.

And many already asking Parents when the next Camp is.

If you are looking for the most FUN Holiday Camp in Sydney then KIKOFF is the Answer.



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