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#RaiseYourGame or #PlayYourGame? What’s Best for Your Kids?

Posted by KIKOFF | 25th September 2017

Ready to get your kids’ activities sorted for school holidays? At Kikoff, we have two great options for holiday camps. Your kids can choose which one they prefer based on how much experience they have, and whether they want to seriously uplevel their skills or just learn the basics and have fun.

How do you choose? There are two options:


  • Are your kids new to football?
  • Have they expressed an interest in learning how to play?
  • Are they trying out lots of new sports?
  • Do you think they should meet some new friends?
  • Do they get bored during the school holidays?
  • Are they between 8 and 12 years old?

If this sounds like your kids, they should attend a Holiday camp.

Holiday camps are a fun, safe way for kids to learn how to play football. Supportive, experienced coaches incorporate games and challenges into their sessions to keep even the youngest kids interested and engaged.

Your kids will love the daily themes, coach challenges, and world cup competitions. They’ll learn a ton of new skills while burning off some of that school-holiday energy and interacting with other kids.

While holiday camps are all about making sure the kids are enjoying themselves, they’ll also establish a strong foundation of basic skills. Coaches will introduce physical, tactical, and technical skills while ensuring that kids are working together with their peers.

4-day holiday camps are from 9am-12pm at Kikoff Harbord and Kikoff Fraser Park.


  • Are your kids a little more serious about football?
  • Are they competitive or FDS players?
  • Are they aged 8+?
  • Do they want to be challenged?
  • Can they handle an intense learning environment?

If you answered yes to a few of the above questions, your kids should attend a holiday clinic. Holiday clinics are a step up compared to holiday camps. These are where your kids will be challenged and will get to go head-to-head with similarly skilled kids from the area.

Training is designed to be achievable but intense, and you can expect to see a massive difference in their technical skills very quickly. Holiday clinics are for kids who already have a strong foundation in football, want to improve their tactical and technical skills, and are serious about improving over the holidays.

Unsure whether your kids should attend a holiday camp or holiday clinic? We can help! Get in touch today to learn more.