03 Dec

5 Ways Running Training will Improve Your Football Performance

In a study of French Ligue 1 players it was found that players were only in possession for 53 seconds of the entire match (less than 1% of the game time).

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29 Nov

3 Ways to Improve Your Five-A-Side Fitness

Sick of dominating games only to come off part of the losing side?

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27 Nov

Is Bubble Soccer safe for kids?

Bubble soccer is a great, fun and active way to keep children entertained for a variety of occasions. Birthday parties, team building, you name it and Bubble Soccer is a fantastic way of trying...

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23 Nov

3 Things Top Pro's Focus on in their Football Off-Season

What do the top football players do when the football season is over?

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21 Nov

What does it take to become a professional Soccer player?

For many Soccer players, young and old, their dream is to put one in the top corner of the goal in the Champions League final. While this may be a nice dream, the reality is that only around 1% of...

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15 Nov

3 Ways to Build Some Conditioning Off-Season – No Equipment Needed

If you’re someone who has just completed a full season of competitive football then the chances are you managed to reach a respectable level of conditioning.

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13 Nov

How to play Bubble Soccer

Interested in playing Bubble Soccer? 

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07 Nov

What Should Your Child Eat Before A KIKOFF Training Sessions?

Wondering how, when and what to give your child before they come to one of our training sessions?

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05 Nov

Top Traits of a Great Football Coach

Are you looking for a team or trying to find the right team for your child next season? Finding the right fit can be difficult, but finding the right coach can be even harder.

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01 Nov

Small Tweaks to Increase Your Football Performance in a Big Way

Interested in knowing how to make a big difference to your football performance without sacrificing too much time or energy?  A little goes a long way. 

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