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31 May


This is a common shout, heard often in a five a-side team which doesn’t have a designated keeper… no one wants to go in goals! Contrary to what you may think, goalkeeping in those tiny five a-side goals is not overly difficult! Have a read of the steps below to make your life easier the next time you are forced to step between the sticks…

  1. Be brave
    Some may argue this is easier said than done but at the end of the day, a football is a circular bag of air!
    Don’t jump out of the way or turn your back on the ball- it’s easier to get hurt by, and harder to stop something you can’t see coming.

  2. Play high
    The goals are tiny. If you play the game close to the edge of your box, they look even smaller to the opposition who are trying to score! The small height of the goal pretty much eradicates the chances of getting lobbed so get off that line!

  3. Communicate
    Just like in an 11 a-side match, the goalkeeper tends to see more of the game than anyone else on the pitch. If you let your players know when they are under pressure and where it is coming from, you are reducing the chances of them coughing up the ball which gives you less to do!! EVERYONE WINS.

  4. Be a fifth player
    We all know having a numerical advantage on a football pitch gives you a better opportunity to outplay your opposition which is why a goalkeeper at our centres should get involved. With no restrictions over where you can and can’t go, coming out of your area gives your team an extra player when you have possession of the ball which should make it easier for you to create those all important goal-scoring opportunities!!

  5. Anticipate the bounce!!
    So many goals are scored in five a-side game after the ball has ricocheted off the back fence! If someone misses the target, don’t think your job is done.
    Try and judge the bounce of the ball and be prepared for the follow up or go one better and get the follow up before the striker can!!

You see - Goalkeeping in a five a-side game is easy!  If you follow the four steps above (particularly the first) you will be so good, no one will suspect you’re not a really a goalkeeper!


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