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If your kids love their soccer, sign them up for a Summer Soccer Camp.

Posted by Oli Bramley | 20th July 2021


Of course, any kid who truly loves their soccer wants to keep playing when the season finishes, and a good Summer Soccer Camp is by far the best way to stay at the top of your game with the same team. Summer Soccer means you can sharpen your skills, smarten up your teamwork, maintain your fitness and keep playing the game you love right through until the leagues start up again next winter.

Just be careful which one you choose, because not all Summer Soccer Camps are the same.

How long is the ball at their feet?

The set-up, schedule and activities that Summer Soccer Camps adopt varies wildly, and if you don’t choose carefully your kids might end up bored out of their mind, listening to too much strategy and analogy, and not enough time on the field developing their game.

But it’s OK, you don’t have to do any research or snoop around all the different Summer Soccer Camps – because we’ve already done it for you.

In some camps we found the soccer ball to be actually in play for less than 10 minutes, which is ridiculous. So, we’ve crafted our ‘Choose Football’ Summer Soccer Camps around a philosophy of ‘balls at feet’. We take the teams for a full hour, with 25 minutes of skill work and hundreds of touches, followed by professionally run games with coaches who really care about your teams’ personal development.

Every session ends with a debrief on what went well, what didn’t, and what each team member needs to work on for the following week. Because Choose Football Summer Soccer is much more than a kick-about, it’s a perfected blend of serious skill development and having fun growing together as a team – our kids just can’t get enough.

Summer Soccer should not be about winning

Soccer teams have a whole winter season that is almost pretty much entirely focussed on winning or losing. So at Choose Football, we see our Summer Soccer Camps as a golden opportunity to focus on your teams’ skills and game-smarts development on a deeper level.

We make sure every member of your team gets lots of touches. We guarantee that every kid will be challenged with the right questions for the position they play. And we promise the whole team will end the summer better at creating time, finding space and making decisions.

Put simply, Choose Football knocks the socks off other Summer Soccer camps. Our coaches are on your side and we’re committed to ensuring your team scores all its goals next season.

Do the right thing by your team. Sign up to ‘KIKOFF’ Summer Soccer today.

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