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How to Keep Your Kids Busy During the Holidays

Posted by KIKOFF | 15th September 2017

The school holidays can be a tough time for both parents and kids. Many parents are juggling full-time work and other responsibilities, while kids have shorter attention spans than ever before.

Whether you're a stay at home parent, you work part-time, or you’re juggling full-time work and kids, it’s likely that you’re a little worried about the school holidays.

Here are some top tips for keeping your kids busy during the holidays:

Bake Together

Baking can be fun for the whole family. Each child can take turns measuring ingredients and stirring, and it’s also a good opportunity to practice counting, reading ingredients, and working together. These days, baking is easier than ever, with plenty of boxed cake and cookie mixes to choose from if you’re low on time. Plus, you’ll have a sweet treat to bribe them with for the rest of the week. Win-win.

Outdoor Time

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but kids these days are less active than they’ve ever been before. Kids should be getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, but less than one in five Australian kids are achieving this.

You’ve probably already noticed that your kids have better concentration, improved behaviour, and can regulate their emotions when they’re encouraged to run around outside.

Many kids are over-scheduled throughout the school year. The holidays are the perfect time to let them have some free time playing in the local playground or kicking a soccer ball around with their friends.


For something a little different, grab a rug and have lunch down at the local park. Kids will even have fun eating their lunch outside in the backyard if you pack it in a plastic container and encourage them to eat it outside.

After, play a fun family game like twister or try a backyard game of football or cricket.

Spring Clean

Sure, these two words are likely to encourage groaning from your kids. But you’ll be surprised how much they enjoy it once they get going. Encourage them to sort through old books, toys, and stuffed animals. Anything they’re not using can be given to charity or sold. If your kids have been asking for pocket money, this is a good chance to teach them about the value of hard work. Set up a point system and let them earn money based on how many things they donate to younger siblings or the local charity shop.

Play Dates

The holidays are the perfect time for kids to spend time with their friends. Plus, parents can take turns and enjoy the sweet, sweet silence when their kids are out of the house. Encourage the kids to enjoy the fresh air when they’re at your house by playing hide-and-seek, setting up a treasure hunt, or throwing/kicking a ball.

Holiday Camp

Holiday camps are a great option for kids who love sport. At KIKOFF, we have two options: Holiday Camps, and Holiday Clinics. Whether your kids are new to football or have been playing for years, holiday camps allow them to learn new skills, meet new friends, and blow off some steam.

For at least a few hours each day, your kids will be having fun and improving their skills with experienced, supportive coaches. You may also find that they’re eager to practice their skills outside of camp, which means fewer hours spent inside and on the couch.

Want to learn more about the KIKOFF holiday camps and clinics? Your kids will fit right in and leave boredom in their dust. Get in touch today to learn more.