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20 Jun

How to gk in 5-a-side

Despite what you may think, goalkeeping in a five a-side match is no easy task. With the goal being smaller, you are expected to save everything which unfortunately is a lot easier said than done! Here are five quick tips that will make you five a-side goalkeeping experience a little bit easier:

1. Concentrate

With the pitch being smaller, the opposition players can pretty much score from anywhere. To combat this, it is essential that the goalkeeper is always switched on and moving in relation to the ball. Expect the unexpected.


2. Communicate

Communicating with your team mates is vital if you don’t want to concede goals! From the GK position, you are able to see everything in the game so giving instructions to the players in front of you will only have a positive outcome. Phrases such as “left/right shoulder” and “press” are essential.

3. Be set

There is no point in being switched on if you are not ready to make saves! In a 5 a-side match, the ball is never far away. For this reason, it is vitally important that, when the opposition have the ball, the goalkeeper is always in a set position ready to dive- (feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and weight forward)


4. Be Brave

Again, as a result of the reduced pitch size, the opposition are often trying to score goals from just 2-5 metres away. Although it is easier said than done, it is essential that the goalkeeper is brave when the opposition is trying to score. Staying as big as possible and closing the angles (moving closer to the ball) is necessary if you want to keep the ball out of the goal

5. Be the extra man

Contrary to what you may think, the goalkeeper in a 5 a-side match is of vital importance when your team have the ball. Coming out of your box and playing as the fifth man helps your team keep the ball whilst shifting the opposition defence and making space for goals to be scored. Being comfortable with the ball at your feet is vitally important to be a good 5 a-side goalkeeper.


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