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School Holiday Camps! A Babysitting Service or Football Development?

Posted by Jon Rogers | 21st June 2016

Having worked in the coaching industry for a number of years running school holiday camps for contrasting abilities and in some remote parts of the world. I still receive hundreds of the following question 'are you providing cheap child care or will my son and daughter develop?' The answer for me on every single camp that I have ever delivered whether it be from the depths of despair in Africa, to the luxury of America, to the professionalism of a EPL club to now KIKOFF Soccer Centres … School Holiday Camps provide every individual the chance to develop and enhance their game in a fun, safe and secure environment.

Camps are designed to be fun, children go through the school week and terms similar to us adults … clockwatching and craving the weekend and time off. Why should camps be regimented and boring? Simply they shouldn’t!

Our coaches use games and sessions that will enhance development in a fun way whether that be through dribbling, passing or shooting so that effectively children are learning at times without even realising it. These sessions are structured and delivered by our professional coaches whom have years of experience.

These sessions are carried out between the hours of 9am and 10.30 prior to the snack break which offers all those a chance to refuel and get excited for the various EPL, World Cup and Champions League Tournaments that follow. These games offer those involved the opportunity to try out various positions and the skills they have learnt in the mornings activities ‘Who doesn’t like showing off their new skills, to the watching parents/coaches or new found friends amongst the group’.

Come along and try them out if you don’t believe me!!

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