20 Nov

Four Solutions to Youth Development


At KIKOFF we are #changingthegame. Unlike many other private football providers, we offer long-term planned, player centered and affordable coaching programs. We believe we are covering all bases. We are stopping the trend of top coaches only working with selected players, and giving players of all abilities the opportunity to work with our highly qualified, professional and experienced coaches. Our job is to make sure every individual is in love with the game. If they have a good attitude and a willingness to learn, we have hit the jackpot. As we don’t have games at the weekend, all we concentrate on is making every individual a better player - whilst having fun. At no point do we have to worry about that ever important ‘u10 championship!

We have two season long programs - Soccer Schools and Football Development Squad. Our Soccer Schools (now in its third year) currently has over 700 players of differing abilities, training once per week. Our Football Development Squad 30 week program has just been launched for 2017. It will consist of twice per week training and will be planned and periodised according to the football season. This will allow those that perhaps didn’t quite make the ‘elite’ programs to attend a better program with better coaches, whilst still playing for their local club – all for half the cost most other programs are offering.

We have seen the progress our players are making as people, football players and athletes, with some fantastic parent feedback, when training just once per week. Now we have doubled this, we are extremely excited to see how much our players can improve in a year! With that being said, we have identified four areas of the game with problems in youth football – and developed our solutions:

"Players are rushed through the process in order to focus on short-term aims (winning games), with dated, isolated training methods. Even in ‘elite’ teams, we see 1 or 2 gifted individuals take centre stage; these players have much of the ball and often control games."
With no weekend games, we have no reason to rush the process for a short term gain. Every session will be planned meticulously to make sure each individual can maximize their potential. We want to produce technically sound players who can, most importantly, make good decisions consistently. Through holistic training this will be achieved.

"Tactics are employed by many coaches based on what will be the most effective way to win the game for them and their team. Alternatively players may only be introduced to certain tactics based on their coaches culture and philosophy."
We will introduce players to different options and tactics throughout the year, ensuring problem solving is a constant focus. Again we do not need to rush players if they don’t understand a certain component, we can allow this understanding to develop. Differing learning methods (for example visual, verbal, kinesthetic) will be used throughout the program.

"Many cannot run (jump/land/squat/hinge/lunge– plus several other basic movements), don’t eat well and are getting injured!"
Our coaches are ASSA (Academy of Sport Speed and Agility) qualified trainers who will break down player’s running technique, making them faster and more efficient. We will generalise and teach basic movements (jump/land/squat/hinge/plank/lunge/stretch) - planned by our experienced trainers.
"Lots of information is given out and often parents aren’t sure what is best."
We will offer free seminars on nutrition, hydration, sleep and promote whole foods. With our Strength and Conditioning coaches, along with our partners HealthSpace, we will plan accordingly to incorporate fundamentals of athlete movement in a fun and engaging way.

"Often spoke of, but never coached or part of any program."
Our R.A.I.S.E.D.I.T. anagram is part of our curriculum, encouraging our players to think about some strong core values and characteristics that our sport can teach. Problem solving and off the pitch will be an integral part our program.

Finally, we will encourage kids to be kids! 

Summer Soccer

Respect – showing consideration for others feelings or wishes.
Assurance – belief in oneself / self-confidence.
Integrity – honesty and strong moral principles; doing your very best, even when no one is watching.
Sportsmanship – playing by the rules, being fair to opponents; winning and losing with equal grace and charm.
Example – lead by example and strive to be an exceptional student of the game; one who your peers look up to.
Determination – desire/ motivation to succeed with purposeful practice.
Intellect – revel in the act of solving problems; you are more than capable.
Teamwork – working with others as a group to achieve a common goal.

Never underestimate the art of under-coaching

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