25 Sep

Evolved Coaching at FPA

"I started coaching for one reason. To make a difference for people, not just as footballers, but as human beings." –Brendan Rogers. 

At FPA the role of the coach is far reaching. Our aim is to develop the whole person, champions on and off the field. 


Our method is very simple. Provide a first-class football curriculum delivered by high level coaches ensuring every session is equally fun, engaging and educational to the players. 


Our coaching methodology is underpinned by four pillars which every FPA coach must apply to their session. These include: PASSION, PERSONALITY, PROFESSIONALISM and PERFORMANCE


PASSION is something which cannot be faked. The team of coaches at FPA have grew up on the terraces of Football stadiums, playing the game they love and have gone on to choose a career in the beautiful game. Coaches with passion take genuine interest in their players, want them to succeed and bring positive energy to their sessions. This is why we place so much importance on passion in our coaching philosophy. 


PERSONALITY is a key tool our coaches use to engage players. We aim to provide an environment which allows player to express themselves and be creative. When our coaches are relaxed, enjoying the session and being themselves this allows the players to do the same. We believe this provides the best setting for players to develop their skills, learn and love every minute of it. 


PROFESSIONALISM is at the centre of everything we do. Our team of coaches are highly qualified, experience and committed to improvement. From A licence level coaches, qualified teachers, to ex-professional players and football specific conditioning GYMS. Our team hosts a diverse range of industry professionals who can assist players with pathways into: the professional game, coaching, sports centre management and strength and conditioning. 


PERFORMANCE alludes to what the outcome is for the players. Our team of coaches have worked with players in training for Olympic team selection all the way to players who want to make their school team. Our ability to differentiate is what sets us apart. We can set realistic goals with player and help them every step of the way to achieving them. The learning environment and feedback is key to this. 

"You've got to enjoy it. Unless you really love something, I think it's very hard to become really good at it." - Roy Keane.

This quote from Keane puts our approach to coaching in a nice nutshell. We want all our sessions to be an enjoyable experience for players, if we nail that, it drives the players to want to improve, fuels their passion and produces better results.

For more information about our programs and offerings, please visit: footballpathway.com.au


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