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Characteristics you will get from a Football Pathway Australia (FPA) Coach

Posted by Adam Davidson | 13th August 2019


FPA Coaches pride themselves on being Fulltime Professional Football coaches.


We feel blessed to work Full-time in a profession that we absolutely love.

We will always be Punctual, organised, approachable and happy as we love what we do.



We are aware of the impact being a great communicator has on our players.

With our encouraging and praise based methods and our positive energy given in all our sessions, along with our knowledge of the game,

Players are left wanting to learn more, they feel good about themselves and we find they learn to love the game even more in our FPA coaching environment.



We are passionate about all our players becoming the best versions of themselves as they can be.

This includes becoming as good a footballer as they can through our coaching.

Also, we teach the importance of social skills like Respect, sportsmanship, discipline, determination, patience, leadership and the importance of teamwork.



FPA coaches continually, self-reflect and strive for more learning and knowledge. Keeping up to date on new ideas and philosophies.


Role Model:

Through all the above we hope to be a great role model for your kids.

It fills me with pride when I get told of the various positive influences I have had on many children I have coached over the years.

We at FPA guarantee all our coaches strive to be a good role model for all players who come through our various FPA programs.

To find a FPA program near you please click here: www.Footballpathwayaustralia.com.au


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