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24 Apr

Three Foods you should avoid before a soccer game

At CHOOSE Football we are passionate about all aspects of our great game.

We want to give our players the best practices and knowledge to become the best they can be.

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28 May

FPA Advanced Development Squads

What are they, how do they work?

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22 May

Developing Youth Coaches at FPA

At Football Pathway Australia, we are not just passionate about developing our young players football and life skills but also developing young up and coming coaches.

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05 Apr

How important is sleep in helping your football performance?


Here are 4 reasons I believe it is vitally important, and could be the X Factor in getting that Pro-contract or not.

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22 Mar

My guide to skills needed for each position in Football

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21 Mar

The Art of Tackling in Football

A question I often get asked by parents is can you teach my child to tackle?

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19 Dec

How to keep kids excited about football training

You know the story; your kid signs up for a football team and that is the only thing on their mind – constantly peppering you with questions and abundant with enthusiasm. However, as the season...

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03 Jul

Reasons why Summer Soccer at Kikoff is a Great Choice for your Child's Football Development

So, the regular football season is over, but you still want to keep playing and enjoying your football in the summer.

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28 Jun

Reasons Why a KIKOFF Bubble Soccer Party is a Great Idea for your Child's Birthday Party

Have you a Kids Birthday coming up?

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18 May

Reasons KIKOFF Holiday Camps are a great School Holiday option

Below is an insight into our recent April Harbord Kikoff Holiday Camps:

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