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01 May

Ever wonder what an elite football players meals look like?

In order to make it, and then stay at the top in the modern game, relying on just skill is no longer an option.

While we advocate that ‘skill’ is still king, we know that players have to...

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11 Dec

4 Steps to a Healthy Habit for Life

When looking for reasons to get your kids out the house, off their ipads and into a hobby, the main drive should be one thing – their happiness.

“Happiness is not something ready-made, it comes...

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05 Nov

Top Traits of a Great Football Coach

Are you looking for a team or trying to find the right team for your child next season? Finding the right fit can be difficult, but finding the right coach can be even harder.

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06 Jun

Top 3 Reasons to play Bubble Soccer

Feel like you need to blow off some steam?

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16 May

4 ways you can get fit - without going to a gym

Have you ever tried to get yourself in shape, but just hate going to the gym?

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27 Apr

Why is soccer the best sport for my child to play?

More and more parents each year are registering their children to play soccer, and for us it is easy to see why. Soccer is a sport which covers a multitude of different traits – for the mind and...

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20 Apr

How can your child become their best at football?


To start with, they need to fall in love with the game. Without a passion for anything nobody will truly reach their potential.

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13 Nov

Importance of Activity - November Newsletter

It is becoming ever important that we are mindful of our children’s activity. Not too long ago we moved much more often. We went outside and climbed tree’s. We had nothing but a ball and created...

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01 Nov

2018 Football Development Squads

There is a need for high level junior football coaching for all players who wish to improve, At KIKOFF we provide football training programs throughout the year.

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20 Oct

Return of Summer Soccer

It’s back - Our Term 4 Off-season Summer Soccer program kicked off last week with over 500 JUNIOR players participating over 3 locations!

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