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Chaz Samushonga

Recent Posts

16 Jul

Best formation to win 5-a-side

   Five a-side football is a difficult game to master. Without good organisation, you could have five unbelievably talented players and still lose games which is why it best to set up in some kind...

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20 Jun

How to gk in 5-a-side

Despite what you may think, goalkeeping in a five a-side match is no easy task. With the goal being smaller, you are expected to save everything which unfortunately is a lot easier said than done!...

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13 Jun

Our best 5 a-side team names

Sometimes a lot of thought goes in to 5 a-side team names. Some teams name themselves after the team they support, some team names are downright rude and others are very creative!

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20 Jun

Are you Fit enough to play 5's? Take our Quiz

Five a-side football is fast paced and requires a decent level of fitness. This is particularly true for our centres at Fraser Park and Canterbury where the cages restrict the ball from leaving...

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14 Jun

Top Tips for Organising a Bubble Soccer Party

Organising any party can be stressful and confusing. 

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12 Jun

Where can I play Summer Soccer?

Don’t you hate it when the soccer season finishes and you have no idea where to take your child to get their soccer fix?

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04 Jun

Five-a-side vs playing in the park

Playing football in the park with your mates is great… Until someone shoots! The next 40 seconds is spent waiting on the ball to be returned then BOOM… it happens again!

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31 May


This is a common shout, heard often in a five a-side team which doesn’t have a designated keeper… no one wants to go in goals! Contrary to what you may think, goalkeeping in those tiny five a-side...

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29 May

Workplace benefits of lunch time five-a-side soccer

Could your workplace benefit from partaking in an activity together on a weekly basis?

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25 May

Getting a Five-a-side Team Together

Getting a five a-side team together can be a nightmare! Often people pull out at the last minute which can cause all sorts of problems. Someone could get stuck at work or have a puncture on the...

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